FileACorp is a rapidly growing document filing company that has assisted thousands of clients in establishing and maintaining businesses in compliance with state regulations.  In addition to helping clients file for corporation, LLC, LLP, and non-profit status, FileACorp offers a comprehensive range of auxiliary services that covers the entire spectrum of legal document filing.

Our clients include top tier attorneys, tax professionals and entrepreneurs who trust FileACorp to file their documents promptly and impeccably, every time.

What makes FileACorp your best filing choice?

  • Fastest Turnaround

FileACorp completes every transaction in the most expedited fashion available. Our incredibly efficient mode of operation saves our clients precious hours—or even days.

  • Personal Service

At FileACorp, we believe in treating every customer as our one and only client.  From the most complicated transaction to the simplest, FileACorp processes every order with a personal touch.

  • Utmost Confidentiality

FileACorp can serve as the official organizer of any corporation, protecting the client’s identity and preventing publication of his or her personal information.

  • Competitive Rates

FileACorp offers superior service at the lowest rates.  Our exclusive package deals for returning clients allow you to save even more!

  • All-Inclusive Services

FileACorp provides virtually EVERY document filing service in ANY state, as well as a broad range of auxiliary services.  Satisfy all your filing requirements with one call!